I’m Back!



Hey Kids! Sorry for being missing in action for so long. It’s been hard to keep up with work, homework, and regular life over the last month, so I had to take a little break from blogging. But class is finally over! And I’m back  in a big way.

Rather than overwhelm you with a month’s worth of Weeks in Review, I’m just going to run down the highlights. Lots of fun stuff going on (so much great music)! And next week I’ll be back with one or two regular blog posts a week. At least that’s the plan!

Monthly highlights after the jump:

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Weeks in Review: June 10 and June 17


(High-flying view)

Hey kids! Sorry for the radio silence. Both the new job and class have kept me super busy. It’s been hard to find time for the blog. But I’m trying to figure out how to prioritize everything, so I can make time for The Lindsey Show. I love this blog so I’ll find a way.

Two weeks worth of Weeks in Review after the jump. Enjoy!

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Week in Review: June 3, 2012

(I can see clearly now)

Not too much to report this week mostly because I was sick as a dog for a better part of the week and many a fun plan got canceled. Boo. But lots of fun stuff in the week ahead. Can’t keep me down for too long!

Weekly Highlights:

Sunday: Up super early. Ken convinced me it was a good idea to take a quick dip in the hotel pool (and it was!). Continental hotel breakfast (Ken’s favorite) and then on the road home to Brooklyn. Busy around the apartment doing this and that before Rob’s big citizenship party. Dude looked so American in his red, white, and blue shorts! Home early for taco dinner. Crashed big time. What a great weekend!

Monday: Hard to go back to work after such a fun weekend. Dinner with Jen at Nuevo Mexico. Nice way to kick off the work week.

Tuesday: Busy morning working from home, followed by work lunch. Lots of running around. Fancy book parties at the Top of the Standard and The Back Room on the LES. The rain held off, so Ken went with our neighbors to the opening night of Celebrate Brooklyn! By all accounts, Jimmy Cliff was great. Home late for a nightcap together.

Wednesday: After a long day at BEA, I ended up home sick in bed. I would not see the light of day until Sunday. Lots of Gossip Girl, Dawson’s Creek, and sleep.

Saturday: Feeling slightly better, I left the bedroom for the first time since Wednesday (did not go outside, mind you). Ken and I watched Kicking and Screaming, which we hated. I think I have a total aversion to dramedies about post-college kids who are struggling to figure out what to do with their lives. Maybe I’m just too far removed from that time. Or maybe because that struggle never really goes away.

Weekly Links:

This should include a long list of interesting stories about BEA, but I’m far behind on my reading. I promise lots of good links next week (don’t I always!).

Song of the Week:

I missed out on the Jimmy Cliff show last week, but I’ll still share my (only) favorite reggae song, “The Harder They Come.” Sure to get you into the summer spirit!

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Week in Review: May 27, 2012

(Dessert time)

Sorry there’s been so little posted on the blog lately except Week in Review. I promise I’ll be posting some good content soon. Things have just been very busy lately. But that’s a good thing. We said goodbye to May this week. Hard to believe it’s summer! Where does the time go?

Weekly Highlights:

Sunday: Cape day! Did a whole lot of nothing. My usual run to Old Silver Beach. Bacon and eggs for breakfast on the deck (Rachel made some awesome eggs with goat cheese and chives — what a treat!). A little homework and a lot of time on the deck, drinking beers and reading Hunger Games. That’s right: I gave into peer pressure. But the book is so fun, I’m glad I did. Big family dinner: burgers with pimento cheese, baked potatoes, baked beans, and the first corn on the cob of the season.

Monday: Up early to head back to the city. Busy afternoon around the apartment doing laundry and getting ready for the work week. We indulged with two episodes of Mad Men. So good! Oh, but Joanie, why did you do it? And Roger, why didn’t you stop her?

Tuesday: First day at my new job! Exciting stuff!

Wednesday: Ken and I went to say goodbye to Forrest who is moving to California. We are very sad to see him go, but excited for his new adventure. Trips to the Brooklyn Flea won’t be the same without him. But hopefully we’ll see him in Vegas for his wedding in October.

Friday: Left work a little early to head to CT. Dinner with Ken’s folks. It was good to catch up over a big shrimp dinner. Early to bed. Pooped!

Saturday: Eric and Sara’s wedding day! The weather was terrible and Ken and I had a fraught time in the morning. After lots of traffic and car drama, we managed to make it to Eric and Sara’s wedding on time (barely). They had a lovely ceremony at the Johnson Chapel at Amherst. I think it’s the first wedding we’ve been do where their dog was the flower girl. And she was very well-behaved. They had a great reception at the Blue Heron Restaurant. Amazing food and great speeches. Mates of State was their wedding band (how cool is that) and we had way too much fun dancing. Just an overall really great night.

Weekly Links:

Have you seen the trailer for The Great Gatsby yet? I don’t really know what to think. It could be great or awful. But I kind of hate Toby Maguire.

I want to try a few of Mark Bittman’s cold soups.

I love this tablecloth. So bright and pretty!

Song of the Week:

It’s all about Mates of State this week. They put on such a fun show at Eric and Sara’s wedding. Ken and I were a couple of dancing fools and we certainly weren’t alone on the dance floor. For their first dance, the band played “Like U Crazy.” Enjoy!

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Week in Review: May 20, 2012

(View from the old office.)

Sorry this is a day late. We were out of town for the holiday weekend and it was hard to motivate myself to work yesterday. But better late than never, right? It was a quiet week around these parts, so we’ll keep the post short and sweet. It was just what I needed before starting my new job (!) today.

Weekly Highlights

Sunday: Busy day! Visited Laurie at Pomona and got a much-needed haircut. Whoa, is it ever short, but pretty cute. Rushed around doing errands and buying groceries. Talked Ken into buying a vintage Lane cedar chest from the local flea market. Rob and Jennifer came over for a light snack dinner. Down to Littlefield for NYC Pop Fest. Allo Darlin’ were so much fun.

Friday: Last day at my freelancing gig. Lots of rushing to get things finished. Wrapped everything up by 1:00 and headed up to meet everyone to head out to the Cape. Hit relatively little traffic on the way up, considering it was a holiday weekend. Pizza and beers from West Falmouth Market. Always so good to be at the beach!

Saturday: Slept in. Good run to Old Silver Beach. Shopping with Mom. Long nap. Big fish taco dinner courtesy of Martin and Rachel. To bed early. Great day at the Cape House.

Weekly Links:

Did you see this article in the Times about over-styling? I thought it was so mean. Sure, some of these things are overplayed (taxidermy among them), but Le Creuset pots? And fresh flowers? Really?

This & That is one of my favorite features on Oh Joy! I would like one of each, please.

Rachel and I tried to make some ice cream this weekend at the Cape and it was a TOTAL disaster. Next time, maybe we’ll try this recipe from David Leibovitz.

Song of the Week: Ken made me a new running mix for our trip to the Cape. It included last summer’s running anthem “King of the Beach” from Wavves. Great song and a good way to kick off the first week of summer.

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Week in Review: May 13, 2012

(the city that never sleeps)

It’s been a busy, but fun week around these parts. And it’s beginning to feel like summer. Next week we are heading to Cape Cod to officially kick off the season. I can’t wait!

Weekly Highlights

Sunday: Mother’s Day! Recovered from Saturday night’s wedding with some of Ken Sr.’s awesome eggs. Bummed around with family until we caught the bus back from Boston. So glad to be back in Brooklyn.

Wednesday: Pizza and beer at HiFi to celebrate Katy’s birthday. Always fun to hang out with the AOL crew. Went to see the Gaslight Anthem at Music Hall of Williamsburg. It was a pretty good show (though a weird crowd). I know it’s wrong, but the highlight might have been that we were home before 11:30!

Thursday: Ken got to see Paul Weller play a secret show at the John Varvatos store. I cam home from class and watched Up All Night. Have I talked about how this is my favorite show on TV right now? The proposal scene in this episode made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Friday: Early morning run with Jen in the park. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. Work. Dinner with Martin and Rachel. Lots of champagne, good cheese, sausages, and the most delicious potato salad. It’s always so good to hang out with them.

Saturday: Chores around the house all morning. Ken went out with the guys for Eric’s bachelor party and I had a date night with my parents. We had a great meal at Sapphire and then saw One Man, Two Guvnors. It was so silly, but we really enjoyed it. I’m not sure the plot made any sense, but James Corden was amazing.

Song of the Week: Gaslight Anthem might not have blown us away, but they do play some really solid rock and roll. Here is one of my favorites, “American Slang,” for you crazy kids. I think this song might be about his mom. Maybe. Or maybe not. But anyway, I’m sending it out to the moms in my life. My own, who is the best in the world (and that’s all there is to say about that). And my mother-in-law, who taught my husband to love Bruce almost as much as she does (and Gaslight wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for Bruce). And Mary and Nanna and Janet and Margaret and all the other mothers and fairy godmothers who inspire me everyday. I love you, ladies. Happy Mother’s Day (a little late)!

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Happy All The Time

(Required reading)

“I’m furious at you and Guido,” said Vincent.

“So I see,” said Misty. “Now if you will let me out of this hallway, I shall explain.”

Vincent sat in his chair and waited. Misty did not speak. She simply looked at her husband quizzically.

“Spill,” said Vincent.

“I will not speak from a stand,” said Misty. “I will speak from your lap.”

“No you don’t,” said Vincent. “You keep your feminine wiles off me.”

“Nope,” said Misty. She climbed into his lap and put her arms around him.

Happy All The Time by Laurie Colwin might just be my favorite book of all time. It’s the only book I re-read rather regularly. Every time I read it, I am charmed all over again. And I want to go out and drink champagne with my favorite people. Which is what we did on Friday night with Martin and Rachel.

“Let’s drink to a truly wonderful life.”


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Week in Review: May 6, 2012

(Oh, Beantown, you're lovely but not my cup of tea.)

I’m a day late, but I have plenty of good excuses. Big things brewing around The Lindsey Show. More on that soon. For now, we’re keeping busy! Also: this is my 50th post! Pretty exciting, huh?

Weekly Highlights:

Monday: Dinner with David at BLT Burger. For some reason we can never break out of our burger-and-a-beer routine. (Though the burgers are pretty great at BLT). Good to catch up after so long.

Wednesday: Our dear friend Pierre was in town from Belgium. Always a good excuse for a nice dinner out. We had a lovely meal at Wallsé. Such a treat to see an old friend and spend some time with the fam mid-week.

Thursday: Zola Jesus at the Guggenheim. She was amazing and it was very cool to see a concert at the Guggenheim. I love that space.

Friday: Boston for the weekend! We made it up there in time for dinner with Ken’s god parents and their kids. The boys are getting to be regular teenagers, which left Ken and I feeling OLD. When did we turn into those people who say, I remember when you were this big!

Saturday: Spent the day wandering around Boston, reminiscing. Shopping at Newbury Comics and Trident Booksellers. Lunch at El Pelon. I got a pedicure, while Ken browsed the records at Nuggets. Beers at Boston Beer Works (where four years ago we celebrated our engagement). Rushed back home to nap and to shower and change before Monica and Brad’s wedding. Monica looked beautiful in her grandmother’s wedding dress. Ken and I danced the night away. Fun times.

Links of the Week:

Did I tell you kids how I shattered the screen on my iPhone. Yep, I’ve officially become one of those people. But I’ve got a new one and I just ordered a new fancy case from Society 6. I think they’ve got some pretty cool cases on their site. I did not buy a matching t-shirt.

I love Mrs. Lilien’s bright and playful blog. And I’m super excited for her cocktail swatchbook. What a clever idea.

I just finished The Art of Fielding and I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen. It’s such a great book. Now I need to read the Vanity Fair article “How a Book is Born” that tells the story behind how the book got published. Good old-fashioned publishing geekery!

Song of the Week: Ken is always recommending new music for me. And sometimes he’s super insistent about it (if it were up to me, I’d probably listen to Nanci, Bruce, and Petty on repeat forever and ever). I’m so glad he introduced me to Allo Darlin’ this week. They are so much fun. And I think we’re going to see them on Sunday for New York Popfest. So the song for the week is off their first (self-titled) record. Here’s “Kiss Your Lips” for you. You found me, baby, and baby, I found you.

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

It’s just so incredibly sad about Adam Yauch. Like so many twenty- and thirty-somethings, the Beastie Boys have always been a big part of my life. There was a period in the mid-nineties when you couldn’t turn on MTV without seeing the amazing video for “Intergalactic.”  And “No Sleep till Brooklyn” was one of the last songs played at our wedding.  I have always admired the band’s sense of humor, their creativity, and their vision.

Unfortunately, I never got to see them perform live and I’m envious that it was Eric’s first show. Ken and I did see him in the West Village one summer afternoon several years ago. He had a wife, kid, and skateboard in tow — he looked way more hip New York dad than seminal rapper. It was very cool.

Friday night Ken and I made dinner and played through a few Beastie Boys records. Even though I felt so sad, I couldn’t help but shimmy around the kitchen. Those boys had beat.

So to keep that dance party going, in MCA’s honor, here’s one of my favorite Beastie songs. Hey ladies! Get funky!

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