Week in Review: April 1, 2012

(View from the High Line on my way to work.)

Week in Review will be changing a little bit. Between class and the job, my weeks aren’t nearly as action packed. So for a while, I’m just going to do a list of the week’s highlights, along with some of my favorite links from around the web. We’ll see how it goes!

Weekly Highlights:

Sunday: Brunch at the Standard with the fam, including my uncle John and his friend Judy (in town from Dallas). I usually love this restaurant, but they seemed off their game last Sunday. Book club at the Magician to discuss the Steve Jobs biography. Good conversation and company as always. Quiet dinner with Ken to calm my nerves before the big day.

Monday: Back to work! Yikes!

Wednesday: Ran into my brother exiting the subway. I know it’s silly, but it was one of the week’s highlights. So fun to just randomly run into him that after so many of living so far apart. Drinks with Jen at Mission Dolores. Good to have a midweek break to catch up.

Friday: Amazing dinner with Martin and Rachel. Rachel made us a feast with pan-fried flounder, collard greens, cherry tomato cobbler, and an orange and olive oil cake for dessert. Such a treat after a long week at work.

Saturday: Good run in the park. Drinks with Flavia (in town from Paris!) at Wilfie & Nell to discuss a design project. Finished The Language of Flowers, which was beautiful. I couldn’t put it down. Dinner at home and then drinks at the Black Horse Pub.

Weekly Inspiration:

This piece on the Times blog was a fun read and especially appropriate now that I’m back to commuting.

I’m dying to see this movie.

I wouldn’t mind living here.

I want to make almost all of these recipes.

I’m really excited about this new bar.

Song of the week: Bono came to Ken in a dream and told him everything was going to be OK. That was swell of him, except now Ken has fallen down a U2 rabbit hole. I’m not saying Achtung Baby is on repeat, but we’ve listened to it quite a bit. I’m not the biggest fan, but I can’t deny my love of “Mysterious Ways.” Hope you enjoy!


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