Weeks in Review: April 23 and 29, 2012


Ugh, two weeks to review. I can’t remember what I did last Tuesday, let alone two Tuesdays ago. This is so long, it starts after the jump. But there’s some decent stuff in there, I promise.

Week of April 23:

Sunday: Worked most of the day on this and that. Ken and I made a nice dinner for the Choice Platters column, which will we get around to writing about someday. We watched the Eames documentary, which I’ve now mentioned on this blog three times. It was good, but I’m not sure it was that good.

Monday: Back to the grind. Sandwiches from the Sunny & Annie Deli and drinks at B-Side. People rave about Sunny & Annie sandwiches, but I thought they were just OK. Speaking of just OK, the Big Pink at Bowery Ballroom were kind of a bummer. I love the big sound on their records, but live it just fell flat.

Thursday: Ken attended the Hives’ not-so-secret show at the Studio at Webster Hall and then partied with the band like a regular rock star. I got home late after class and caught up on Glee. Dramatically different evenings, but both satisfying in their own way.

Friday: Drinks with Martin, Rachel, Ken, and Cristina at Mission Dolores. Slices from Da Nonna Rosa. So delicious! Excited to have a new pizza place in the neighborhood that’s actually good.

Saturday: Taco Night with Jen and Alexis. It was fun to have them over, though someone (she knows who she is!) was a little generous with the tequila in the margaritas. The evening devolved into Ken playing YouTube DJ. We watched this crazy Lynch video and my favorite Just Bieber video. I’m sorry, I know it’s terribly uncool to like him, but I think he’s just too cute. Also, I always love when people randomly start dancing. Why can’t my daily life involve dance-offs at the bowling alley?

Week of April 29

Sunday:  After a run and a nap and a greasy lunch to recover from Taco Night, I finally got a bunch of work done. Ken and I had a lovely dinner at Thistle Hill Tavern. We rarely eat out and this was such a nice change of pace.

Monday: Ken was lucky enough to see Santigold at Bowery Ballroom. I stayed home and worked on some projects. This all work and no play is making me a rather dull girl.

Wednesday: New York Presbyterian gala at the Waldorf-Astoria. This is one of my favorite events of the year. And this year, the gala was celebrating the Children’s Hospital. We got prime seats and it was exciting to watch a video about my dad and the work he does, along with so many talented doctors and nurses. I’m one proud daughter!

Friday: After a long week, it was nice to have a quiet evening at home. Finally caught up on Mad Men. It’s excellent this season.

Saturday: Busy day. Laundry, run, work. Afternoon drinks at South to celebrate Jen’s birthday (with tamales and a really awesome photo cake). Nanci Griffth at City Winery. It was amazing. I’ve been excited about this show for months and boy did she ever live up to my high expectations. She’s such an incredible storyteller and it’s such a pleasure to watch her perform.

Links of the Week(s):

Super excited for Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook.

A map of the best margaritas in the city. Nice work Refinery 29!

I enjoyed reading Flavorwire’s thoughts on the ASME’s best magazine covers of 2011. I thought the winners were a little blah, except for the National Geographic cover. I loved the image and the way they made it work with the logo. Clever and eye-catching.

Song of the Week: It’s all about Nanci this week. She played many of my favorites last night at City Winery, but I’ll leave you with “So Long Ago,” which might just be one of the most beautiful, heart-breaking songs of all time. Fare-the-well true love of mine.

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