Week in Review: May 6, 2012

(Oh, Beantown, you're lovely but not my cup of tea.)

I’m a day late, but I have plenty of good excuses. Big things brewing around The Lindsey Show. More on that soon. For now, we’re keeping busy! Also: this is my 50th post! Pretty exciting, huh?

Weekly Highlights:

Monday: Dinner with David at BLT Burger. For some reason we can never break out of our burger-and-a-beer routine. (Though the burgers are pretty great at BLT). Good to catch up after so long.

Wednesday: Our dear friend Pierre was in town from Belgium. Always a good excuse for a nice dinner out. We had a lovely meal at Wallsé. Such a treat to see an old friend and spend some time with the fam mid-week.

Thursday: Zola Jesus at the Guggenheim. She was amazing and it was very cool to see a concert at the Guggenheim. I love that space.

Friday: Boston for the weekend! We made it up there in time for dinner with Ken’s god parents and their kids. The boys are getting to be regular teenagers, which left Ken and I feeling OLD. When did we turn into those people who say, I remember when you were this big!

Saturday: Spent the day wandering around Boston, reminiscing. Shopping at Newbury Comics and Trident Booksellers. Lunch at El Pelon. I got a pedicure, while Ken browsed the records at Nuggets. Beers at Boston Beer Works (where four years ago we celebrated our engagement). Rushed back home to nap and to shower and change before Monica and Brad’s wedding. Monica looked beautiful in her grandmother’s wedding dress. Ken and I danced the night away. Fun times.

Links of the Week:

Did I tell you kids how I shattered the screen on my iPhone. Yep, I’ve officially become one of those people. But I’ve got a new one and I just ordered a new fancy case from Society 6. I think they’ve got some pretty cool cases on their site. I did not buy a matching t-shirt.

I love Mrs. Lilien’s bright and playful blog. And I’m super excited for her cocktail swatchbook. What a clever idea.

I just finished The Art of Fielding and I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen. It’s such a great book. Now I need to read the Vanity Fair article “How a Book is Born” that tells the story behind how the book got published. Good old-fashioned publishing geekery!

Song of the Week: Ken is always recommending new music for me. And sometimes he’s super insistent about it (if it were up to me, I’d probably listen to Nanci, Bruce, and Petty on repeat forever and ever). I’m so glad he introduced me to Allo Darlin’ this week. They are so much fun. And I think we’re going to see them on Sunday for New York Popfest. So the song for the week is off their first (self-titled) record. Here’s “Kiss Your Lips” for you. You found me, baby, and baby, I found you.

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