Happy All The Time

(Required reading)

“I’m furious at you and Guido,” said Vincent.

“So I see,” said Misty. “Now if you will let me out of this hallway, I shall explain.”

Vincent sat in his chair and waited. Misty did not speak. She simply looked at her husband quizzically.

“Spill,” said Vincent.

“I will not speak from a stand,” said Misty. “I will speak from your lap.”

“No you don’t,” said Vincent. “You keep your feminine wiles off me.”

“Nope,” said Misty. She climbed into his lap and put her arms around him.

Happy All The Time by Laurie Colwin might just be my favorite book of all time. It’s the only book I re-read rather regularly. Every time I read it, I am charmed all over again. And I want to go out and drink champagne with my favorite people. Which is what we did on Friday night with Martin and Rachel.

“Let’s drink to a truly wonderful life.”


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