Week in Review: May 20, 2012

(View from the old office.)

Sorry this is a day late. We were out of town for the holiday weekend and it was hard to motivate myself to work yesterday. But better late than never, right? It was a quiet week around these parts, so we’ll keep the post short and sweet. It was just what I needed before starting my new job (!) today.

Weekly Highlights

Sunday: Busy day! Visited Laurie at Pomona and got a much-needed haircut. Whoa, is it ever short, but pretty cute. Rushed around doing errands and buying groceries. Talked Ken into buying a vintage Lane cedar chest from the local flea market. Rob and Jennifer came over for a light snack dinner. Down to Littlefield for NYC Pop Fest. Allo Darlin’ were so much fun.

Friday: Last day at my freelancing gig. Lots of rushing to get things finished. Wrapped everything up by 1:00 and headed up to meet everyone to head out to the Cape. Hit relatively little traffic on the way up, considering it was a holiday weekend. Pizza and beers from West Falmouth Market. Always so good to be at the beach!

Saturday: Slept in. Good run to Old Silver Beach. Shopping with Mom. Long nap. Big fish taco dinner courtesy of Martin and Rachel. To bed early. Great day at the Cape House.

Weekly Links:

Did you see this article in the Times about over-styling? I thought it was so mean. Sure, some of these things are overplayed (taxidermy among them), but Le Creuset pots? And fresh flowers? Really?

This & That is one of my favorite features on Oh Joy! I would like one of each, please.

Rachel and I tried to make some ice cream this weekend at the Cape and it was a TOTAL disaster. Next time, maybe we’ll try this recipe from David Leibovitz.

Song of the Week: Ken made me a new running mix for our trip to the Cape. It included last summer’s running anthem “King of the Beach” from Wavves. Great song and a good way to kick off the first week of summer.

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