Week in Review: June 3, 2012

(I can see clearly now)

Not too much to report this week mostly because I was sick as a dog for a better part of the week and many a fun plan got canceled. Boo. But lots of fun stuff in the week ahead. Can’t keep me down for too long!

Weekly Highlights:

Sunday: Up super early. Ken convinced me it was a good idea to take a quick dip in the hotel pool (and it was!). Continental hotel breakfast (Ken’s favorite) and then on the road home to Brooklyn. Busy around the apartment doing this and that before Rob’s big citizenship party. Dude looked so American in his red, white, and blue shorts! Home early for taco dinner. Crashed big time. What a great weekend!

Monday: Hard to go back to work after such a fun weekend. Dinner with Jen at Nuevo Mexico. Nice way to kick off the work week.

Tuesday: Busy morning working from home, followed by work lunch. Lots of running around. Fancy book parties at the Top of the Standard and The Back Room on the LES. The rain held off, so Ken went with our neighbors to the opening night of Celebrate Brooklyn! By all accounts, Jimmy Cliff was great. Home late for a nightcap together.

Wednesday: After a long day at BEA, I ended up home sick in bed. I would not see the light of day until Sunday. Lots of Gossip Girl, Dawson’s Creek, and sleep.

Saturday: Feeling slightly better, I left the bedroom for the first time since Wednesday (did not go outside, mind you). Ken and I watched Kicking and Screaming, which we hated. I think I have a total aversion to dramedies about post-college kids who are struggling to figure out what to do with their lives. Maybe I’m just too far removed from that time. Or maybe because that struggle never really goes away.

Weekly Links:

This should include a long list of interesting stories about BEA, but I’m far behind on my reading. I promise lots of good links next week (don’t I always!).

Song of the Week:

I missed out on the Jimmy Cliff show last week, but I’ll still share my (only) favorite reggae song, “The Harder They Come.” Sure to get you into the summer spirit!

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