I’m Back!



Hey Kids! Sorry for being missing in action for so long. It’s been hard to keep up with work, homework, and regular life over the last month, so I had to take a little break from blogging. But class is finally over! And I’m back  in a big way.

Rather than overwhelm you with a month’s worth of Weeks in Review, I’m just going to run down the highlights. Lots of fun stuff going on (so much great music)! And next week I’ll be back with one or two regular blog posts a week. At least that’s the plan!

Monthly highlights after the jump:

Music Highlights

The Flatlanders at BB Kings — amazing — play this song on repeat.

Goldfinger at The Best Buy Theater — terrible! Ken and I were the oldest people by far. How did all these teenagers get into a 15-year-old ska band? And they didn’t even sound good. Still, play this song for nostalgia purposes.

Neko Case at the World Financial Center — Just OK. The band had technical problems, so it was difficult to hear them. But I love Neko and it was a beautiful evening, so it wasn’t a total waste. I can’t wait for her new album, but in the meantime, listen to this classic.

4 Knots Festival at South Street Seaport — so much fun. I really love this festival (and I never say that). Hospitality, The Crocodiles, The Drums, and Archers of Loaf. Spending time with Ken, hanging out drinking free beer on the VIP boat. Really can’t complain!

Gin Blossoms and Sugar Ray at Roseland — awesome! Finally crossed those two bands off of my must-see list (come on! Don’t judge! You know you love them, too). Danced around like I was 16 again. Listen to this song and this song, and savor the classic summer jams!

The Barry Harris Trio at Village Vanguard — Jazz with the fam. Barry was good, if a little sleepy. At the end of the night, when he said the crowd had “warmed his cockles,” I’m pretty sure he made eye contact with me!


Restaurants and Bars Highlights

OK, we are totally obsessed with Sea Witch. Two trips there within a week. Amazing hamburgers, good beer prices, and a beautiful backyard. Our new favorite place.

What’s the deal with the bouncers at Greenwood Park? This is Park Slope, people! I couldn’t deal with the roaming babies or the overly aggressive bouncers, so we fled before even having a drink.

Celebrated Rachel and Mom’s birthdays with lunch at Empellon (delicious) and dinner at The Redhead. The fried chicken at The Redhead was amazing. And so were the pretzels with beer cheese (my new favorite thing) and the fried green tomatoes. When are we going back?

Ken and I finally found a great BYOB restaurant in midtown to hit up before we go to shows in that area. Gazala is such a lovely little restaurant. The food is so nice and fresh and inexpensive. Perfect!


This and That Highlights

Fourth of July Parties at Dan and Tessa’s and Jen and Alexis’s. So much delicious food, but simply too hot for me to deal. We got home early, cranked up the a/c, and took it easy.

A trip to Bliss Spa with Mom, Mary, and Rachel. Why don’t I get facials more often? Oh, right, totally can’t afford it.

Magic Mike with Mom and Mary. Wish it had been better, but don’t I always say that?!

Finished the first season of Friday Night Lights! Let’s Go, Panthers! Really, I can’t over state how much we like this show.

We are really loving the CSA. So much amazing produce! I made this delicious beet salad and an awesome pasta dish with swiss chard, beet greens, and mixed seafood.

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